Restart Retreat – Preparing Ourselves For Better Service In His Kingdom

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January 3, 2013 by lcuprisonministry

The time is almost here! The Leadership Team has been praying, planning and preparing for this retreat since before Christmas Break began. We are looking forward the retreat and seeing how the Lord uses it. Hopefully, you are too, but if you are like most of the people I have talked to so far you are still wondering what in the world is going on January 15th and 16th. That’s why I write this blog. To explain what the retreat is for, what we’re doing on it and how you can get ready for it.

If you’re like me, you’ve gotten quite comfortable in not having to think while on break. At home, the only late nights you have are the ones you spend watching Lord of The Rings with friends instead of cranking out a paper that’s due at 8:00 a.m. (That may or may have described me this past semester. ūüėõ ) But soon, not only do we need to start buying books for classes but we will be jumping into a ministry where are blessed with the opportunity to impact the lives of women in Lincoln. We will help set them up so they can get a job and provide for the very kids we minister to at Quest. We may help them control their anger so they can stop the cycle of abuse in their family. We can show and tell them about the love of Christ who wants more for them in this life and has already given his own life for them. This is the ministry that we will be getting back into and this is the ministry that we will prepare for at the Restart Retreat.

There will be time spent in prayer, in scripture, and in praise to get us ready spiritually. There will be time to play games, hang out and talk to bond the team together so we are better be able to serve together. There will be time in training talking about the games of manipulation that inmates play to prepare us mentally and emotionally.

If you want to see more of what we will be doing on the retreat you can view the schedule by clicking ***HERE***. The schedule may still change but this will give you a pretty good idea of what it will look like. We will meet at the Warehouse at 10:00¬†a.m. with sleeping bag in one hand and a can of Pringles in the other (check the ¬†***Packing List***¬†for what else to bring). Please! Try to arrive early so we can leave for Lincoln Christian Church on time. The church was gracious enough to house us for the night for free and we found some amazing people to help provide our meals. Another way we are keeping the retreat FREE is by asking everyone to bring one or two items. Kait Baker emailed you guys with an invitation to the retreat. In the email is a link to the potluck list of items that you can bring. If you haven’t already, please look back in your emails and follow the link so we can make sure we have all we need. Also, what is not on the schedule are the times that we will take groups of people into the prison for the second part of Orientation. We are still confirming those times with the chaplain and will let you know when we find out.

Keep praying for the inmates, keep praying for each other, and start praying for this retreat so that we restart this ministry ready and effective for His kingdom.

So, check the schedule, check the packing list, and I will see you at 10:00 a.m. on the 15th!

for His glory,


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